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Titan has been training professional and amateur athletes in Santa Barbara for 15 years. We have accomplished substantial fitness gains with our clients, regardless of age or fitness level. We design a science-based program that is sport-specific and customized to the individual or team. Titan staff understands the dynamics of sport injuries and is careful to create programs with injury prevention in mind.

Titan Summer Youth Programs

When working with youth athletes (or non-athletes!), training intensity, volume, and rate of progression is carefully prescribed and injury prevention is the main goal. Resistance training and conditioning can help with the growth process, increase muscle strength and bone density, and improve motor skills to help the younger athlete move better and react faster to all types of stress placed on the body from sports and recreational activities.

So your kid is not that into sports? Not a problem! These classes are appropriate for ALL fitness levels and designed to get him or her moving and better at the things they love to do!

45-minute sessions will take place throughout the Summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 21.

Tweens (Age 10-12) at 10:00am
Teens (Age 13-15) at 11:00am


The Sirens program is a women’s only, 30-minute strength and conditioning workout. We start with an evaluation to assess your fitness and establish a baseline, then deliver a highly-effective workout in each small-group session. With a maximum of 8 women per class, our Sirens program provides a fun and safe environment that allows you to train with like-minded women while we provide the individualized support and guidance you need to achieve your fitness goals. With over 30 classes available each week, you are sure to find a class or group to fit your busy schedule!

Check our class schedule or contact us for more information.

Momentum 4 Life

Momentum 4 Life founded in 2002 by Dawn Schroeder is a local Santa Barbara organization devoted to helping individuals, families, and communities. Since 2002 M4L has encouraged an individual to begin a chain reaction of positive results beginning with themselves. M4L brings people together to workout and train for challenging events such as 5k, 10k, biathlon, triathlon, and more.

Contact us for more information.

Senior Fitness

Our senior fitness programs include a variety of exercises that focus on balance and functional movement to build strength, increase stamina, and improve flexibility. Appropriate for all fitness levels, the individualized attention you receive allows you to establish a regular exercise routine or can give you the chance to get back to basics as you practice technique and improve your form. We start each class with an active stretch, then move on to balance and coordination exercises before utilizing a variety of equipment to build strength and core stability. We conclude each class with a 10-minute cool-down and full-body stretch.

Contact us for more information. See the Senior Fitness class schedule.

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