(805) 683-1231 Monday - Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM 4540 Hollister Ave Santa Barbara,CA 93110
(805) 683-1231 Monday - Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM 4540 Hollister Ave Santa Barbara,CA 93110

Titan Group Training

We’ve taken our same science based programs that we use with our athletes and incorporated them into an intense 30-minute or 45- minute class. The Titan Group Training program follows an undulating periodization where we focus on strength, power, mobility, stability, and cardiovascular endurance. We will keep your body guessing to take your fitness to the next level and have FUN while doing it!

Titan Competitive Athlete Training

Titan trains athletes across all ages (10+) and backgrounds whether they are in the amateur or professional status. We are personally invested in all of the aspects of our athletes’ training (psychological and physical) helping them to improve in their sport. Whether it’s getting our younger athletes ready for High School, High School athletes transitioning to college athletics or moving on to the professional status, Titan is focused on results and making our athletes ready and confident regardless of the competition ahead.

Titan Team Training


Offering training throughout the Santa Barbara area, Titan increases your teams overall sport performance through safe and effective strength and conditioning programs. Our specialized programming includes off-season, pre-season and in-season training showing substantial gains in strength and power across all sports. We track and record all our client’s lifts to ensure optimal performance is maintained during all phases of training. 

About Titan

Titan has been training professional and amateur athletes in Santa Barbara for 15 years. We have accomplished substantial fitness gains with our clients, regardless of age or fitness level. We design a science-based program that is sport-specific and customized to the individual or team. Titan staff understands the dynamics of sport injuries and is careful to create programs with injury prevention in mind.





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At Titan Sports Performance we provide individualized programs specific to your sport or goal

Meet Our Staff

Sarai Anderson

Business Manager

Matthew Anderson

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist / Owner

Sara Box

Nutritionist & Health Coach / Trainer / Owner


  • I have been training at Titan since 2006: they have gotten me ready for 6 Dragon Boat World championships, 8 Molokai to Oahu outrigger races, but best of all, their training has kept me injury free. I am stronger now than 15 years ago. Thank you Matt and Sara!

    Elizabeth Toro
  • Since freshman year of high school I have played on 3 varsity sports, water polo, swimming and the surf team. I realized that although I was training sometimes up to 4-5 hours in one day with my club water polo team and high school teams I was not gaining the strength I needed to keep up with my peers. I started working out at Titan after my junior year water polo season.
    The trainers and staff at Titan were so welcoming and encouraging that I came to crave going to train there. In all my years of sports I had never encountered such positive encouragement that made me want to come every day. They not only invested themselves in training me as an athlete but they also invested themselves in me as a person.They have not only helped to raise my level of play but also raised my confidence so that I would be able to play at the high intensity level I do. I have enjoyed Titan so much that I decided to do an internship with them last fall and have had the chance to train other athletes. Due to the encouragement and strength training I received at Titan I will be continuing my career in water polo at Azusa Pacific University where I will major in Kinesiology.

    Britni Tisdale
    Azusa Pacific University Water Polo
  • Titan has helped me reach my goal of playing professional baseball. Because of them I am leaner, stronger and more powerful than before. They motivated me and kept me dedicated to pursuing excellence. As I am on my way to my first Spring Training, I feel ready thanks to the work that I was able to put in at Titan. But, Titan is more than just a sport performance facility to me, it’s a place full of friends and great memories. I’m blessed that I had the opportunity to train at Titan.

    Mike Rishwain
    Professional Pitcher
  • I love this place! Sirens is not only an incredibly effective workout in a fun, supportive community, it only takes 30 mins – so easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. A year and a half of working out here, and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and still discovering new muscle tone all over. I highly recommend it!

    Becca Miller
  • Using Titan is the right way to go. As a product of high school football in the 80’s without proper strength coaching, I’ve had 4 knee operations. Doing stadiums with a player on your back may not be the best way to go. My son attends training here and his actual body shape is changing for the better, but the best part, he has the correct form when lifting. Thank you!

    Robert Regan
  • I first learned about Titan through a fellow teammate on my
    collegiate baseball team. I was hoping to gain some weight
    and improve my overall strength so I could further my performance
    on the field. My goal in college was to get drafted and play
    professional baseball. After working out at Titan I was in the
    best shape of my life and was able to accomplish that goal!

    Titan not only increased my strength, but it also increased my
    power and speed. Matt and the trainers at Titan work with you
    one-on- one to provide a specific plan to help you reach your
    full potential. They have great attention to detail and encourage
    you to work harder. I would recommend Titan to anyone whether
    your goal is to play professional sports or to just improve your
    overall strength, performance, or speed. Thanks Titan!

    Sam Sheehan
    Professional Pitcher
  • Titan has been an invaluable part of my story as an athlete.
    As a baseball player, I gained 5 MPH on my fastball during my time
    with them. They helped keep me healthy and worked hard to get me
    to my peak performance. Matt and Sara are incredibly knowledgeable
    and are committed to assist you to meet your goals both physically
    and nutritionally. They have created an environment where hard work
    and results are expected. I’ve enjoyed every bit of my time at Titan and
    wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone; both those looking
    for athletic improvement and overall health improvement.
    Matt and Sara will help you get to where you need to be!

    Zack DeMarcus
    College Pitcher