(805) 683-1231 Monday - Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM 4540 Hollister Ave Santa Barbara,CA 93110
(805) 683-1231 Monday - Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM 4540 Hollister Ave Santa Barbara,CA 93110



Our expert coaches are NSCA and CSCS certified. We take the time to build individualized programs for each of our athletes and their corresponding sport. Titan trains athletes across all ages (10+) and backgrounds whether they are in the amateur or professional status. Our program development starts with an initial evaluation to create a baseline for our athletes to improve upon. From there we build a unique, sport specific program with injury prevention in mind.

We are personally invested in every aspect of our athletes’ training, physical and psychological, helping them to improve in their sport. Whether it’s getting our younger athletes ready for high school, high school athletes transitioning to college athletics, or moving on to the professional status, Titan training focuses on results and making our athletes ready and confident regardless of the competition ahead.

Muscular Strength

-Heavier Loads are most effective for muscle fiber recruitment and increase in force production (overall strength)

-Increased force production will make for a more explosive athlete. 

Muscular Endurance

-Improved oxidative and buffering capacity

-Increased resistance to fatigue

-Increased Mitochondrial and Capillary numbers


-Increased force output at higher velocities

-Increased rate of force development

-Increased vertical jump


-Reduced injury rates (Prevent Chronic and overuse injuries)

-Enhanced movement and efficiency

Motor Performance

-Enhanced motor unit Control (selective recruitment) to obtain optimal speed and power performance

-Increase running economy , vertical jump, sprint speed, serve velocity, swinging velocity, throwing velocity and kicking performance

Cardiovascular Performance

-Increase in V02max

-Increase anaerobic threshold

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